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Elaine Museum

and Richard Wright Civil Rights Center 

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The Elaine Museum and Richard Wright Civil Rights Center is located in Elaine, Arkansas, in the midst of the vast agricultural land of Phillips County. Most well-known for the Elaine Massacre of 1919, in which an unknown number of Black men, women, and children were murdered indiscriminately, the town and surrounding areas are hallowed ground.  This history of Elaine, which has resided in the oral narratives of descendants of the Massacre, will now have a home in the Elaine Museum and Richard Wright Civil Rights Center. 


However, Elaine is more than just the memory of massacre--it is also the history of the Arkansas Delta, of Black prosperity, stories of racial cooperation, hope, and resilience. The museum will also house these aspects of Elaine through art exhibits, cultural events, and educational opportunities.  

Image credit:  Andrea Gluckman
Image credit:s  Andrea Gluckman

Dedication scheduled for September 30, 2022

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